Tuesday, 17 June 2008

What a taper

So "Challenger" was immense. Around three events a day, each one about the equivalent of a half marathon. Four hours sleep a night. Everything from fell running to canoing.

We were up to 7th with a day to go but we had no substitutes and the tiredness took its toll and we slipped to 11th on the final day. Not bad though, there were over 120 teams taking place.

One of the highlights for me was having the "privilege" to pair up with ex pro cyclist, Chris King on a cycling stage. After a 4 hours, going up a very long stony climb I got cramp in both calves. Chris said "freewheel and stretch it out". A very strong hand landed in my back and pushed me up the hill. He was still conversational chatting about our strategy and commented "this is a good strength workout." Insane man.

Challenger was not the best way to taper for the parish walk. I am feeling very fit but a little drained. My plan is to do nothing apart from a 2 mile stroll each day now and eat healthily.

Its strange, its only a few days away and has been fairly mentally consuming for months.

I now have a strategy sorted out:

Wake up, go to the start line. Walk. Keep Walking. Enjoy the scenery. Try not to stop.

Is there more to it that that?

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