Friday, 30 November 2007

Second session

89.5 Kilos (14st1) 23% body fat:
Suzanne ran alongside me today. I think this encouraged me to go a bit faster than last time. We did the Small Bride Loop. I registered 3.97 miles. It took 44:31, which is 11:14 pace. Thats a bit more like it.

Shins felt cramped up for the first two miles. I told Suzanne they they felt like lava was being poured down them. They eased off though. I have memories of the same discomfort in the past and my memories told me this would happen. No biggie really. Other than the shins, which are now acheing, I feel fine.

I work in Leeds in the week. Today was my first day back so this was only my second training session.

I have been feeling kak all week. There is a bug going round. However, I took some flu pills, had some soup and felt okayish so decided to push out. It can't kill me after all. (!?) I have put weight on! Going to have to find a way to drink less beer.

Monday, 26 November 2007

And so it begins

So I got drunk and agreed see how far I can get round the 2008 Parish Walk!

So, I haven't walked for 20 years. I am 5foot 11 and 14 stone. This is going to be interesting.

I did my first training walk today. Funnily enough the technique is all still there. Relaxed shoulders, fluid arms, forward flat movement. Just very very slow!

Monday 26th November 2007. 88.8 Kilos (14st) 23% body fat:
I did what I will call the "Small Bride Loop" today. Its 3.82 miles. It took me 48:14, which is 12:37 mile pace. My shins were killing me all the way. My hips ached and now I have finished I have cramp down the side of my left foot. A start at least.

How on earth did I manage a 52 mins 10k? It seems a long way away...