Friday, 30 November 2007

Second session

89.5 Kilos (14st1) 23% body fat:
Suzanne ran alongside me today. I think this encouraged me to go a bit faster than last time. We did the Small Bride Loop. I registered 3.97 miles. It took 44:31, which is 11:14 pace. Thats a bit more like it.

Shins felt cramped up for the first two miles. I told Suzanne they they felt like lava was being poured down them. They eased off though. I have memories of the same discomfort in the past and my memories told me this would happen. No biggie really. Other than the shins, which are now acheing, I feel fine.

I work in Leeds in the week. Today was my first day back so this was only my second training session.

I have been feeling kak all week. There is a bug going round. However, I took some flu pills, had some soup and felt okayish so decided to push out. It can't kill me after all. (!?) I have put weight on! Going to have to find a way to drink less beer.

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