Saturday, 1 December 2007

Did a longer one (don't laugh!) today with a good friend of mine Rachael Crellin, daughter of the famour Parish walker Rosemarie Crellin. Rach was very sweet and stayed with me the whole way.

The route was Bride - Smeale - Andreas. I registered 5.16 miles. It took 1:08:05, which is 13:12 pace. It was very comfortable, fitness wise, I felt I could do that pace all day. Body wise, I felt like I was falling apart!

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The Boy said...

Keep it up mate!

As regards finding a way to drink less, you should include a "beer units consumed" stat with you weight, BF, etc. to make you feel more guilty about it ;-).

Speak in the week about training - there is no way I'm doing the whole arse wiggling thing - I'll just jog it thats okay.