Monday, 9 June 2008


I know I am crazy. I am heading off tomorrow to Challenger World. Its something I do each year. This year it's in Stirling.

The event is four days of endurance and teamwork doing a variety of events day and night. There are around 120 teams and each team can have 6 members with 4 people participating in each event. The team is tasked with overcoming the course, the terrain and other companies racing against the clock. The tasks can vary from hour to hour, running, kayaking and mountain biking across tough terrain whilst having to think logically, crack codes and solve puzzles. Sounds easy right? :-)

So, I though I was going to have a quiet year this year. We only had five in the team but what a five (with the exception of me). One of the team is in the Bob Graham club (look it up!) capable of a sub 2hr 30 marathon. Another is an ex professional, GB international Road Bike racer who did many years doing the Tours in France. Our captain is a 2:45 marathoner himself. The other is a lunatic who is currently training for the Marathon des Sables, a 151 mile endurance race across the Sahara Desert!

Unfortunately, the "Bob Graham" chap had to drop out last week because of a family issue. That means we have a team of three nutters and me. Rather than sit quietly on the bench encouraging my team to get us through to the world finals - I am going to have to take part. In every single event. As the slowest one there. ON MY TAPERING REST WEEK.

Its going to be a blast and I am not going to use it - or blisters as an excuse on my blog entry on the 22nd of June.

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