Monday, 19 May 2008


Barcelona was lovely. Got some nice runs in. I studied my map of Barcelona and saw a lovely park with the old Olympic stadium in. I though I would run to it and the do a few laps maybe. When I got there I found it was on top of a massive plateau. The heat and the steps nearly killed me but the view was worth it.

On Sunday morning Bryan picked me up at 06:30 and we headed down to Port Erin to start our long walk to Bride. It was a gorgeous morning so plenty of suncream was applied.

On the way down towards Dalby I mentioned I could feel my right heel getting a bit hot. At mile 5 we stopped and I removed my socks to discover a 20pence piece sized blister. Not good for mile 5 so I put some Vaseline on the blister, changed socks, tightened my shoes and we set off again.

We popped into my Dad's house for a potty break and a brew in Peel at 09:30 and set off once again. At Kirk Michael, mile 18, I complained of a lot of tenderness on my heel still and so removed the socks one more. I didn't like what I saw at all. Basically my 20pence blister was now on top of what I can only describe as a giant 3cm diameter bubble wrap bubble. Ick, my blister had a blister!!

Bryan and I agreed that it would be daft to take the skin off it as it was clearly very deep
. I had to pull the pin at mile 18 and had to be collected. Bryan carried on so I jumped on my bike as soon as I got home and rode back down the Lhen to meet him. It was 30 miles to my house and he did it in 6hours 15 which put the pace at 12:30's which I believe is perfect.

Bryan had a few blisters of his own, I had another on my left heel. He was in the forces and spent some time with the Royal Marines on Dartmoor and said he would "fix" the blisters. This involved soaking a few feet of thread in surgical spirit. Lancing the blister with the needle, going out the other side and then drawing the soaking thread right through the blister over the red flesh below. I have never felt pain like it and let everyone within earshot know. My wife suggested I try childbirth. I didn't make any noise on the second one.

Today (the day after) I cannot really see any blister. Bryan's trick seems to have worked a treat. My legs are quite sore - I am walking about like an old man. I only managed 18 miles! The parish walk is a lot tougher than it seems when you sign up in the comfort of your computer room!

My conclusion is that I have been running too much, my skin has hardened in the wrong places, its an utterly different action to walking. I am going to only walk now (one I have repaired) to try and toughen my skin up.


Anonymous said...

Glad you feet are on the mend - forgot to tell you - to speed up the skin toughening process try rubbing some cotton wool soaked in surgical spirit over the offending areas on a daily basis - you'll have the "hooves" you desire by race day!


Anonymous said...

As every dancer knows, surgical's the future