Saturday, 10 May 2008

The Rain in Spain

Will hopefully not be falling on me next week!

I am off to Barcelona for a week tomorrow. I will take my trainers but I am not expecting too much.

Not a bad week, stong 10 miler at the weekend, nice mid week 8, a little warmup 4 and 5 more this evening.

My heel is not improved, but its not deteriorated either. I have been given a good set of excercises from a physio friend and I purchased a little wooden roller from body shop. The roller seems to work wonders. Its a real pleasure pain thing when using it - creepy.

When I get back next weekend, Bryan and I are planning on doing Port Erin - Slot, Peel, Ballaugh, Jurby Bride. I guess I will find out whether I am ready or not!

Good luck to the folk doing the Andreas 20k tomorrow. Its my local race and I am going to miss it. Real shame but my flight leaves at 10:55am.

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