Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Will it last?

Last week was unnervingly incident free. Got out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Monday. I managed to cover 26 miles with the longest being a 10.5 miler.

I have purely been running to get my core fitness up in the shortest time possible and to (hopefully) strengthen my knees.

I really can feel my fitness surging back remarkably quickly! Yesterday, when the sun was out , running in a vest weather, I felt the best I have felt for a few years. Of course the temptation is to crank up the pace - but that is a dark world fully of the promise of injury. I find it SUCH a struggle to hold myself back when I feel like that. I kept looking down at my watch and seeing my pace higher than I planned even though I feel I am holding back.

Oh but to just sprint across the dunes :-)

My plan is to carry on this way, increase the mileage to 30 this week. The weekend after next I want to walk the parish section from Bride to Peel (backwards of course!) which is around 20 miles or so.

Fingers crossed, things are looking up...

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