Friday, 8 February 2008

Injured but not down

I fell down the stairs around six years ago. Not a big fall, but in breaking my fall, i damaged a ligament holding my left arm in the socket. For a long while it remained undiagnosed. I now know that its a permanent injury and that regular physio exercises giving good muscle strength around the shoulder reinforce the strength of the shoulder.

I moved back to the Island in August and never unpacked my weights. A problem forgotten. After the Ronaldsway race, my shoulder flared up again. It becomes so inflamed that the shoulder actually pinches the surrounding muscles leaving me with a virtually useless left arm.

I have been back to see my specialist who has severely reprimanded me for being such a twit and not keeping the exercises up. I have started doing them again and my arm is operational once again for which I am very grateful.

Problem is twofold - i) I can't get out training until its stable and ii) I am STILL 87 kilos!!

The problem is getting better at a rapid rate of knots and I am hoping to get out for a first session this weekend.

Lastly, check out my live updated Isle of Man weather report at the bottom of the page!

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The Go Mann said...

Good luck with the arm - and I hope the weather really is that good over the weekend!